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Gasmarc install all types of domestic and commercial boilers.

There are four main types of gas boilers available. Which you choose depends on a number of factors, such as the size of your house and your specific hot water requirements.

Combi Gas Boilers

Combi (or combination) boilers are the UK's most popular type of boiler for gas central heating and domestic hot water production.

Easy to install and highly reliable, gas combi boilers are economical on both energy and space. Water is heated instantaneously on opening a hot tap or turning on a shower, so hot water storage tanks or cylinders are not necessary.

Heat Only Gas Boilers

Heat only gas boilers work in conjunction with a hot water storage cylinder and cold-water top-up tanks in the loft to provide both central heating and hot water.

System Gas Boilers

Unlike regular gas boilers, a system boiler pumps hot water straight through the heating system to the radiators and hot water cylinder. By reducing the amount of time it takes for the home to heat up, running costs are lowered.

Back Boilers

A back boiler is a small, compact boiler that sits behind an electric fire in the chimney breast and works in conjunction with a hot water storage cylinder to provide both central heating and hot water.

If you are still not sure which gas boilers are most suitable for you, then contact us for further information

Boiler Repairs

Gasmarc have years of experience in repairing boilers throughout Runcorn, Warrington, Cheshire and Liverpool. If you're experiencing problems with your boiler contact us.

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