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Gasmarc now offer Solar-heating installations which use the sun's energy to heat domestic hot water.

The advantages of installing a Solar water heating system (also called solar thermal) are the savings made from your annual water bill, you'll also be making a big difference in cutting your carbon footprint by opting for a renewable energy source.

The benefits of solar water heating are: Reduced costs for heating hot water all year round – savings of up to a third of your hot water bill

Solar water heating can provide up to 40-60% of your hot water requirement throughout the year.

Biomass Boilers

Biomass boilers are relatively simple in principle and use wood pellets or other biomass as fuel instead of fossil fuels, such as heating oil or gas. Biomass fuel is widely available throughout the UK.

A modern biomass boiler has the same or higher levels of technology when compared with a typical fossil fuel boiler.

They are an effective way of using renewable energy to benefit the environment, increasing the energy efficiency of your home and reducing your fuel bills.

As well as being 'green', biomass boilers reduce energy consumption - resulting in lower energy bills, especially in the face of rising costs of traditional fuel.